My handmade story telling silver jewellery collections are inspired by my walks in the countryside.  These elegant snapshots accurately and beautifully depict birds and animals in their natural habitat. I carefully craft the birds with glass enamel or anodised aluminium printed with my paintings. The birds are perched on silver branches, glass beads, gemstones, and filigree caps that become blossoms, leaves, nuts and berries.  

I have built my business over eighteen years creating a wide selection from unique pieces to more affordable multiple’s. Commission’s welcome.  Country, county and USA State specific designs available. I supply a selection of galleries and shops in the UK and internationally. I am particularly proud of being commissioned by The Met Store in New York to design and make three collections for their customers to buy after visiting the Audobon Bird painting exhibition.  I recently won silver award for best product at Scotland’s Trade fair in Glasgow 2020.