Wren in the Hedgerow necklace Twitchers collection

The handmade story telling designs in my silver jewellery collections are inspired by my walks in the countryside. I recreate the glanced scenes of birds, woodland animals and plants. I carefully craft the birds and creatures with simple textured silver, glass enamel or anodised aluminium printed with my paintings.  Silver branches, glass beads, gemstones, and filigree caps that become blossoms, leaves, nuts and berries complete the picture. 

If you can not find the particular bird or design you have in mind on  my shop page or you would like to see a selection of the unique flock that I am currently hatching or inquire about commissions  please email me at alison.haddon@gmail.com

         Country, regional, county, USA state bird and flower designs available.

Recycled silver used for all pieces.





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