Heron on the riverbank
Chaffinch with beech nut
Puffin on the rocks




   Wren in the hedgerow


Blackbird with Rosehip
blackbird with hawthorn berry

Blackcap in the Bay tree
blackcap in the bay tree

Blue Tit Pecking Hawthorn 1
blue tit pecking budding branch

Blackcap with golden apple
blackcap with golden apple

Long-Tailed Tit In the Brambles 1
long-tailed tit in the brambles

Blackcap with Elderberries
blackcap with elderberrries

Kingfisher On The Riverbank
kingfisher in the rushes

My Twitchers collection uses my country dog walks as inspiration. I am particularly fascinated and amused by meeting the birds. Whilst bird watching I have closely studied the different structures of their habitats, spikey hawthorn, leafy beech and berried bramble of the South Downs. My observations have resulted in these unique necklaces, brooches, pins and cufflinks.

I draw each bird and foliage individually. I enamel the silver birds and carefully recreate their natural habitat using matt finished silver, oxidisation, recycled gold or gold plating. Semi- precious stones and pearls become Rosehips, Haws and Elder berries.